Friday, October 25, 2013

A sprinkling of fall weather...

What a strange fall season...and today I'm enjoying one of the few days that feels and looks like fall.  Our poor ol' trees got nipped by cold temps and snow so early, but amazingly, many have turned colors.  I would not have been surprised if they had just turned brown and shriveled up.  But no, they're displaying some pretty yellows, and the aspen leaves are not dropping yet.

But another snow storm is forecast to hit in a few days. 

I'm not feeling all nostalgic and introspective about the change of seasons this year.  Maybe because the changes have been unpredictable and erratic.  So, perhaps that's a lesson... to just enjoy the NOW.  The present is full of promises.  Be grateful and enjoy.


  1. Perfect words! I'm trying very hard to learn to "enjoy the now".

    Happy fall.

    This morning is our first cool morning. Steve left to get his hair cut and when I rolled over onto his side a little later, it was COLD!!!! ;-)

  2. Great insight and reflection - the present is a precious gift for us to enjoy fully.

  3. TRying, trying. Im all caught in up in the cold of it coming instead of loving right now THanks for the reminder

  4. We are finding that we need to live each day as it is, one day is beautiful, the next foggy...

    Good for you for bending with the wind.