Wednesday, October 23, 2013

We were finally concert-ready

Riverton HS Concert and Jazz Choirs rehearse under the direction of Pam S.

We arrived at that moment of excitement...a final rehearsal before the first concert of the season. I'm accompanying on the piano...and have been spending lots of time with these groups the last few weeks.  It's so nice to get to this point.

The Jazz Choir opens their segment with a round of 3 Spirituals, which they perform in a circle and with lights off.

Here the 7th grade choir warms up.

 And the 8th grade choir also has learned to play drums; this is a powerful piece!

This young man does a fine improvisation.

The rehearsals went well...and the concert in the evening was fun.  The students were all dressed in black and white, were excited to perform,  and did very well. 

Next...the Christmas music goes up on the piano.


  1. Always fun to watch students progress and become comfortable with the songs.

  2. I love to see kids participating in music programs. Stephen was in band from sixth grade thru twelfth. Loved watching him grow in his music.

    I know you must feel the same about "your kids".

  3. fa la la la lala la lah lah wish I could hear you

  4. Sounds like a great concert! We flew over your part of the world a bit ago and were amazed at all the snow. It looked like mid-winter, not October!