Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall - Winter- Fall- Winter

Mother Nature just can't make up her mind in Wyoming.  The last few days have been spectacular fall days - near 60 degrees, clear blue skies, no wind, and pretty fall leaves floating to the ground. Yesterday, I sat outside in my t-shirt and jeans and read the paper, soaking up the sunshine.   Then today... 30 degrees and SNOW!  Really???  I'm burning wood in the stove and drinking a hot chai tea latte... and admiring the yellow aspen leaves, shaking from the east wind and snow. 

I'm making really good progress on the "Brickless Scarf" and should be ready to bind off in a couple days.


  1. I think we have discovered a new season in Wyoming: "Fallinter." Sunday was such a beautiful day that I thought the prediction of snow just had to be wrong.

    I am delighted that I don't have to drive to work anymore but can stay inside and knit as I watch the wind whipping the tree branches and blowing the snow sideways.

  2. Crazy weather here too. We were cool and now it's going to be hot again. Even Tennessee wasn't cool last week. :::sigh:::

  3. What a TRICK Mother Nature has been playing on you all in wyoming! Ugh.
    Glad you soaked up some warmth first!

  4. It's the old bait and switch...

    We had a beautiful warm day, and then cold.


  5. Can't wait to see your Brickless! That one's on my long list. This has been a very different fall, hasn't it?