Monday, October 28, 2013

Creepy images

With all the attention to Halloween...well, you'd assume most people enjoy it.  Me, not so much.  Never have.  Things that are creepy and ghoulish just don't hold any lure for me. 

I took a photo of an aspen in fall...dropped it into PicMonkey... and made it look a bit Halloweeny.  That's it for me. Sincerely, I wish you a week of nothing spooky or scary or unsettling.  Enjoy the Happy in Happy Halloween.


  1. I don't love the creepy either.

    I guess it is really AUTUMN I like to celebrate rather than Halloween. I love the pumpkins and leaves and cooler air and sweaters........oh yeah, and FOOTBALL!!!

  2. No Halloween celebration here either. I went trick or treating once and didn't like it.

    Mother Nature is "treating" us this morning with the usual snow storm, huh?

  3. Nancy ....I LOVE what you did to that photo!!!!

    I love the FUN of Halloween

  4. I agree with you totally on Halloween. The only good thing about it is the candy sales afterwards!

  5. Interesting photo. We only had one trick or treater last night! All the kids are grown up, I guess.