Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Going "Brickless"

I've got a new cast-on!  I decided to try a new scarf pattern called "Brickless," and I'm using some yarn from the ol' stash.  The pattern calls for a DK weight yarn, so I found some "left-over" yardage from another project that I thought would be a good way to see if I liked the look, the weight, and the drape.  I'm using size 4 circular needles.  This pattern makes up an asymmetrical scarf similar to the "Hitchhiker."  However, this pattern incorporates three stitch patterns: net lace, garter, and rib.  I thought that if I like it, I would try using the "Brickless" pattern using lace weight yarn and size 2 needles.  We'll soon see.


  1. I like it, but the lace-weight will definitely have more drape.

  2. ohhs and ahhhhs. I LOVE it. Maybe I could do it...or put it on that long scary list of lacey things

  3. Looks great so far! That is SUCH a pretty color.