Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Practice, practice...

I'm spending some of my retired "down time" sitting at the piano...practicing, practicing.  The fall concert is coming up in a couple weeks, and ...well...there's a lot of music.  I'm accompanying a middle school choir, high school concert choir, and jazz choir. 

I'm still working those knitting needles besides looking at notes and needles...I try to get a far-away glance at the mountains for a touch of snow-kissed serenity.


  1. Think how physically fit your fingers will be. ;-)

    Have fun ..... I know you will.

  2. I wish I could HEAR you playing. I love when people play the piano well!

  3. Knitting and playing piano are both great exercises for the fingers, hands, and brain.

  4. Pretty photo!
    I used to play the harp but stopped practicing ... it was good for the fingers and brain too. Something to get back to someday! Good luck with the concerts!