Friday, October 4, 2013

Really??? Snowtober???

Really??? A week later and we have ANOTHER storm packed with moisture?  Yesterday it rained...all day. By evening it started to turn to snow, and it's been snowing steadily.  We're expecting to have snow all day.  Hey Mother Nature...did you get so busy that you overlooked the fact that the leaves are not yet off the trees??? ( Admittedly, this moisture is going to improve the drought conditions of this area.  Who ordered it to come all at once?)

Nevertheless, the hard working people who have been fixing electric lines and phone lines, working 12-16 hour days...are OVER IT.  As are the rest of us. 

This ring-necked dove, who has been perched in my pine tree all morning, looked over his shoulder at me and said, "Really?" 

So, this is day two of being stuck inside... which makes for a great opportunity to knit!  I'm happy to report that I am closing in on the big finish on the cotton sweater shawl.  I'm finally on the collar, with only an inch more to go!!  Then, I will attempt blocking this cotton project.  Hope it softens it and smooths out the twisty parts. 


  1. Ohhhhh...poor ring-neck dove. She (he?) looks so cold.

    Your sweater looks great. Blocking does amazing things. I'm sure it will look wonderful.

  2. I spent the day knitting and keeping an eye on my trees. I went out this PM and attempted to knock the snow off of some of the branches. I am not ready for Winter, but I think it has decided to settle in the valley early.

  3. Oh sorry about the early snow fall, maybe hopefully it will bring a early spring.


  4. I am so sorry. Summer to winter with no fall is a horrible thought to me. I LOVE autumn. Your knitting is really looking good!!! love the yarn color

  5. Eek! I'm afraid you got that wetness from us. It was unbelievable here earlier in the week. Stay warm. And happy knitting. That sweater shawl is a fun pattern; great yarn, too! Lovely color.

  6. I was just enjoying all of your fall color pictures until I saw this! Yikes! Mother Nature is indeed in a rush to get the winter going isn't she?!
    As always, a joy to see your part of the world and always appreciate your kind visits to my blog...cheers!