Friday, March 27, 2015

A plant's surprise

I almost missed it!  I was turning off a floor lamp next to this plant last night when I noticed something unusual.  The side of the plant facing the window had been blooming for a while, and I didn't see it!!  I didn't even know these plants sometimes had such unusual, beautiful blooms.  I suppose this plant was thanking me, in this way, for moving it (a few months ago) to this particular spot; I'm thinking it must like the soft light that comes in through the west window at the end of the day.  That light is going to be more intense as the summer approaches, and I wonder if the plant will change its mind.  But for now, I'm thrilled to see this blossom.

I've got a young plant doing quite well at the other end of the house, getting all light from the east windows. 

And then I must rejoice in the pretty purple blooms of my African Violets.  This one has been blooming away! 

Now my other violet went into a dormant phase, so I started sweet talking to it to coax a new shoot of blooms.  I'd like to think that it appreciated the love, and has finally sent up new buds.  These are a deep purple and are so pretty when they open.  Anxiously awaiting.


  1. I love when plants give you a surprise like that. That is a very interesting bloom on the first plant.

    I miss having African violets. I used to have lots at my old house. Here I don't have a good place for them. :-(

    Have a great weekend.

    1. But you have orchids, all sorts of them!

  2. Ohhh Leafy goodness! I love when an unexpected blossom arrives.
    My mother could grow african violets well...I never could.
    Now i grow BAMBOO

  3. Lovely blooms and surprises!

    No real plants in my house anymore (allergies), but I used to have them everywhere.

  4. House plants are fun, aren't they? Is that a croton? If it is, you are truly blessed because I have read that they can shed their leaves in half an hour. (And it's true! LOL)

  5. You can really see the difference in the plants, they are perking up, and feeling better now that the light is longer...and so are we.