Thursday, March 12, 2015

Knitting with soft pastels...

The baby blanket, the first one I've ever knit, is well on it's way. It's a great, mindless project to pick up anytime!  Although, when I got home Tuesday night and wanted to knit just a couple more rows, I noticed that I missed picking up both strands of yarn on a stitch 10 rows down.  Arrrrrggghhh!  Ribbit! Why didn't I see it earlier???  I had been a bit too "mindless."

 It's definitely a summer weight blanket, using 2 strands of DK and size 11 needles.  Perhaps I should have gone down one size in needles; I'll have a better idea next time.  The baby arrives in June, so a light, summery-weight blanket will be just fine.

I'm finding that I could have used another skein of the purply-pink yarn; but with this pattern, it's easy to improvise and let the stripes evolve as they may. 


  1. I have a tendency to drop one strand, too, but I use a crochet hook to fix the mistake rather than frog back so many rows.

    You've made a lot of progress since Tuesday night.

  2. Pretty colors. Are you going to be a grandma?