Monday, March 9, 2015

Late winter drive through the canyon

I made a quick trip to Thermopolis for wool supplies.  It was a day of sunshine and melting snow!

I was thankful for clear roads.  At the opening of Wind River Canyon, snow was melting and dripping over the entrances to the tunnels. On the other side of the river, the train tunnel was visible.

Water in the river was moving right along and looked absolutely frigid.  I saw one fisherman along side the road, wetting his line.

A long line of railroad cars stood motionless.

The ancient rocks, exposed by erosion, sat silently, letting the busy occupants of noisy cars and trucks rush by.

Some rock structures stood like sentinels, guarding the canyon passage way.

It is a treat to see the canyon in late winter...


  1. Glad the roads were clear for your trip. The shady areas of the canyon can hide black ice this time of year.

  2. That is a beautiful drive. I have only been on it during warmer weather.

  3. Beautiful knowing the snow is on its way OUT