Friday, March 6, 2015

Bladed snow, bunny, and blanket

The sun is shining and the weather forecast says we'll get above freezing today.  Yahoo.  Some of this snow can start soaking into the ground.

My neighbor bladed the big drift, so I should be able to get my car out of the garage today.

The bunny is quite pleased to feel the warmth of some sun.  We are both happy about that!

Last night I decided I should cast on the Gradient Baby Blanket.  I looked the pattern over very closely.  No needle size was included.  What?  I texted Nancy S, and she directed me to one of her past posts where she had recorded the needle size she used on her blanket.  Thank you, Nancy!! I wasn't sure I had a long enough cable for my circular needles, so the search was on.  I was actually surprised that I found a long cable; I don't think I had ever used it.  As a result, I was able to cast on and get in the rhythm of the garter stitch for several rows.  It is soft...and I'm looking forward to changing colors.


  1. Poor little bun . . . he looks a little chilly. But I suppose he has a nice warm undercoat to keep him snuggly.

  2. I feel like the bunny, appreciating the warmth from the temp change, and the sun that is coming finally. Hope that your weather changes soon, and that the snow is nothing more then a memory.


  3. I, too, pondered what size of needle to use. It was odd the pattern didn't have It listed. My gauge seemed to match the one given. It's a fun knit, so enjoy.

    Snow is melting from my roof, but the gutters are iced. Icicles are now dripping and creating an ice floe on my front step. Yikes!

  4. Sun shining on the snow ... how lovely. LOVE the bunny shot. So cute!
    Happy March!