Friday, March 13, 2015

Knitting Gnome

I am in the process of needle-felting a couple of Knitting Gnomes for our May 2015 Fiber Art Retreat.  Since I'll be teaching this class, I plan to make up a couple different gnomes as examples.    A pair of knitting needles will get put in this little gnome's ball of yarn eventually; I will get out the materials for that later. 

On this gnome, I used up some roving that was not so great to work with...but would be good for experimenting.  So, on the next one, I'm going to use nicer roving, and the gnome will be shaped a little differently as well.  Stay tuned...


  1. He's adorable, and the Guild members will be eager to sign up for your class.

  2. so so so cute . I'd take your class!

  3. He's too cute, and I love the crooked hat that he wears.


  4. That little guy is adorable! Like Kathy, I'd take your class if you weren't so very far away!