Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What a morning...

We woke up to another morning of grey skies and drifted snow from the overnight storm.  I got a good 3 inches, but in most places it drifted into sculpted barriers.   It's inconvenient, but that's about it. 

I got busy this morning and built a hot fire in the wood stove to warm up the house.  Then, I shoveled snow so I could get out of my doors.  A sizable drift blocked getting the truck out of the garage, so I worked on that drift until I was pretty sure I could get through. 

Side note: I saw the prairie dog again, and he's a busy little fellow.  In answer to kathy b's question, I don't really now if they are destructive or not.  Usually, when I see them, they are a way from civilization where they have their own little prairie dog towns.  I am wondering how in the world he got out here... probably hitched a ride, hiding in something being hauled out here.

I still haven't picked up the knitting needles, and I agree with those of you who have commented that it's sometime good to take a break.  I ordered some baby-soft yarn to make a baby blanket for an expectant mother who is also one of my piano students.  The package arrived!!  The colors I could choose from were limited, but I think these will work just fine.  The yarn is so soft, and I'm looking forward to starting this project.


  1. Thanks for answering my question.
    I Love love love the baby yarn collection . IT will be an awesome soft gift

  2. Those colors are beautiful! Can't wait to see the whole blanket.

    I don't think prairie dogs are destructive other than the holes they dig. Horses can break a leg stepping into the holes. :-(

  3. Love the colors that you ordered for the baby blanket!