Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A fiber banquet

At the Interweave Yarn Fest, Julie and I attended the Saturday night banquet.  The featured keynote speaker was to be Linda Cortright.  I knew nothing about her, but the topic of "WILD FIBERS" sounded interesting.

When we went into the banquet room to find a couple empty spots at a table, I suggested we get close to the front so we could see the speaker, etc.  One gal saw us looking and invited us to join her table.  It was the center table in the front row; the view wouldn't get much better!  As we were just getting seated,  Julie recognized another gal who came to be seated at this table as well: it was the guest speaker!!  So, we were included in some interesting conversation during dinner!  The guest speaker was quite gregarious and animated.  She started out raising goats for cashmere fiber and she had worked on some documentaries for other folks... that eventually led to her current job as editor and publisher of the magazine called Wild Fibers.  In her presentation, she showed a PowerPoint presentation of her travels and experiences getting stories for the magazine.  It was very interesting, entertaining, and educational.  She has traveled the world to seek out interesting stories about sheep, rabbits, goats, musk-ox, etc. 

It turned out to be a very enjoyable evening.


  1. How fun for you! Someday....I'll raise angora rabbits...

  2. Weren't YOU the lucky one. Sounds like a very interesting table to be seated at. :-)

  3. Sounds like a very fun evening!