Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It's a stretch

I think Peter Cottontail has been huddled in a ball all winter, and it must feel really good to finally stretch out in the warmth of a little sunshine. 

More leaves are stretching upward toward the warmth of the sun's spring rays.  These leaves are early.  By nearly a month.  So far they are surviving the very cool evenings.  The weather forecasts predict that we may not be dipping below 30 degrees as we move through April; I hope that's true.  Leaves on a branch of one of my aspens also leaved out in APRIL.  Seems like a stretch...

The mountains are still covered in snow.  Makes for a beautiful sight, as it helps define the foothills from the highest, rugged mountain peaks.   Will we get more spring storms to help fill the reservoirs?  Hope so.  Might be a stretch.


  1. Bun bun looks quite relaxed enjoying a bit of shade.

    I knew spring was here last night. We had rolling thunderstorms, plenty of lightning and about 3" of rain. But, I can't complain. We had no damage and we really need the rain.

  2. Looks like Peter has found the perfect napping spot. Hope he quits nibbling in appreciation! Spring came early here, too, but it's been chilly the past few days.

  3. My asparagus is determined to keep on coming up. Some of the colder nights have stunted the growth of some of the spears, though. It's too early.

  4. Sounds like the leaves will be covered with snow tonight!