Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wet and dreary

Sunday was nothing but gray skies and rain.  And in the early morning hours, snow covered the grasses.  However, that soon melted.  I've got puddles in the driveway - yea!

I happened to have three logs of dry wood left in the wood box, and it felt mighty good to put them in the wood stove for a warm fire; the house heated up nicely.  Ahh...it felt cozy.

Cozy enough to want to cuddle up with some knitting.

The dragonfly sock #1 is coming along...I'm finally past the gusset and am moving toward the toe.  I'm continuing the lacy pattern down the top of the foot, which I think looks so pretty.  The color changes in the yarn don't really show off the dragonfly pattern as nicely as a solid color, but it looks nice just the same.

 Rain in the high plains...and yarn running through fingers - both are welcomed!


  1. Love the socks!

    I hope it warms up before I return.

  2. Im so tired of the cold. I just posted on Ellens blog , in San Fran, that Chicago weather this week stinks! I want 90s I swear I will not complain!

  3. Maybe our weather from yesterday is headed your way? It was in the seventies and just beautiful. Today, not so much. It's raining.

  4. I think the pattern will still show up nicely once the sock is stretched out on your foot. Dragonfly likes to pucker in while it is on the needles.

  5. Yes, nice to have a little firewood to burn on cold rainy days. Hope you get sunshine and warm temps soon. Those socks are incredible!