Monday, April 13, 2015

Open and Closed

A gal in Laramie who has the Cowgirl Yarn Shop asked me to consider making an open/closed door sign for her; the request came last fall at our Yarn Fest.  It has taken me some time to come up with just the right concept for the design.  I finally felt like I had the right idea and started the project. 

I chatted with my woodworking neighbor, and he suggested we work up a piece of distressed wood to which we could attach the felted pieces.  The wood was cut, burned with a blow-torch, brushed with a wire brush to remove the charcoal and further distress the wood.  Then, I gave it about 5 coats of polyurethane, and it's nearly ready to go.  I finished the "Open" felt first.  And then I got the idea for the "Closed" felt.  The Cowgirl and sheep are the images from the logo for Cowgirl Yarn. 

I'm hoping to have it all finished and put together in the next couple days.  I've got turquoise and brown suede leather laces to braid a length for hanging the sign.  I plan to deliver it this weekend, so the pressure is on to finish it.


  1. What a cute concept. Can't wait to see it all put together. I love those little black-faced sheep! Adorable.

  2. Nancy It will be perfect! Great concept. Love the felted look

  3. Awesome, Nancy! I love it! (They will, too.)