Monday, April 27, 2015

Moving on

So, I've been watching the bunnies.  I believe Kathy B must have the inside story...for momma bunny is no longer hanging out under the boardwalk.  Here she is on the west side of the house, enjoying the freedom from the little ones, who must be able to fend for themselves.  In fact, I don't see her paying attention to the bunnies or any other rabbits at all.  She seems to be moving on... and the little ones must start they own bunny lives.

I have seen that 3 of the 4 tiny bunnies quickly moved out of the den and are now romping around the woodpile.  They have found several places under the pile to hide.  When I can catch a glimpse from the window, they are so entertaining to watch, scampering from one protective place to another.

The littlest of the bunnies is still in my yard.  This little one doesn't look quite big enough to be out with the others, but she (let's just say it's a girl) is getting bigger and  braver by the day and is exploring more of the yard.  I have finally seen the little one get several yards from the protection of the den under the boardwalk. Here she is, photographed right about sunset, and I have been having so much fun watching the progress.  I'm so curious to find out if this little one will stay in the yard.  I keep thinking she must be lonely without the brothers and sisters around her.  But what do I know?  I will continue to talk to her from a distance...I hope she feels safe.


  1. I hope they make it into the big bad world ok!

  2. I'm sure the little one will find some shelter until he/she gains the confidence to be out and about.

  3. I had a neighbor who sort of made an outdoor pet of a baby bunny for a bit. Then she scampered away and met a boy bunny

  4. Hope that little one watches out for hawks!