Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday's Musings...

My little Peter Cottontail spent some quality time resting and soaking up some warm sunshine.  I suspect he had a busy night delivering eggs around the community. 

In the past couple weeks, very near sunset, I have been sighting the bunnies, usually three to five of them, playing... frolicking...around the yard area.  Oh, it has been absolutely delightful to watch them chase each other, jump, and dart.  I had not seen a rabbit jump straight up (like I have watched kitties do) and then start the chase.  It is funny and so entertaining. 

I have admired a lot of beautiful cross-stitch work, but have done very little myself.  Probably sometime in the late 70's I made this piece for my Mom.  It hung in her bedroom for years, and now it's hanging in mine.  

Springtime in the Rockies continues to be a roller-coaster ride...some warm days ... some cool days... I hope these leaves make it through the cold nights ahead.


  1. Love the cross-stich saying!

    My trees have yet to show any sign of leafing, but they are usually some of the last ones to welcome Spring.

  2. Love that stitching message! We too have ONE big bunny in our yard...which can only mean one thing...

  3. Awwwwwwwwwww....bun is so cute.

    We don't have many bunnies around here. I've seen a few off the main road, but I think my yard is too exposed and we have too many hawks.