Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Sunday drive

I like to make a trek to The Sinks when the spring run-off is in full swing, but I made the drive with a friend over the weekend, and we saw that the melting snow was just beginning to rush down the river.

In the above photo, you are looking up river, and the water flows around to the left and makes a big curve, as it flows into a cavern. 

From deep in the cavern, it is actually a mystery as to what happens to the flow, but the best guess that researchers have made is that the water goes underground into quite a large reservoir before rising above ground about a mile down the hill, at the "Rise of the Sinks." 

When the spring run-off is at its peak, most all of these rocks are covered in roaring, foaming water, and the top of the cavern is barely visible.  See the "white" around the pine trees?  Yes, that's snow.


  1. The Sinks is an amazing place. Have you ever thought about taking one of the underground tours?

  2. Be GONE snow. Be GONE! Love your images

  3. I imagine that the sound of that rushing water is amazing!

  4. Hurrah for melting snow! Looks like spring finally where you are. Great photos, Nancy!