Monday, September 24, 2012

Cotton Socks

I was given some cotton sock yarn from Nancy S.'s leftover stash, and I decided to make up a short pair of socks as a gift.  Nancy S. said the yarn was wonderful to work with, was soft, and washed up very well.  So, I've been very happy to work on a pair of circulars with such great yarn.  I've nearly finished the 2nd sock, so I'm doing well on completing this project in a timely manner.

The simple K2, P2 ribbing is continued down the top of the foot.

I like the yarn so well, I've ordered more cotton blend sock I guess I've got plenty of sock knitting in my future. It's a great project for travel.


  1. Hey, it looks great. I'm glad you were happy with the yarn and ordered a skein or two of another cotton-blend. The recipient of these socks is going to be very happy with them.

  2. Love the socks! Cotton-blend makes lovely socks.
    Rebel Follower