Friday, September 21, 2012

Sunset Scarf

Clapotis  by Kate Gilbert (available on

Close up: Note the dropped stitches, which help make the scar/shawl less bulky.

I finally finished it!  You may have heard of the Sky Scarf, which a few of the gals in our Fiber Arts Guild have begun.  I decided to try a variation on the theme and watch the daily sunsets instead.  Each day you note the color of the sky and knit two rows of that color (or combination of colors). I also wanted to use the Clapotis pattern to make the scarf.  This also meant I would be using heavier yarn (worsted weight) and size 8 needles. Actually, it was difficult to find the colors I needed.  The 5 colors I used worked well enough, but I wish I would have had a peachy color (rather than the yellow), as that was often a dominant color in the sky at sunset. My scarf records the sky for a 6 month period, whereas the regular sky scarf records  the color of the sky for a year.

The lighter end of my scarf was started in April, and we had many cloudy evenings, and the white clouds dominated the western horizon. As summer arrived, we had beautiful, clear blue skies, and the sunsets were mostly blue and peachy. By July we started to have smoke in the sky from forest fires in WY, UT, NV, MT, and ID.  The smoky skies continued off and on, making for evenings of a blood red sun and some beautiful sunsets. The scarf came off the needles yesterday, and it took quite a while, at least 2 TV shows, to weave in all the ends!


  1. Love it. It turned out great!

  2. Wow, the scarf/shawl is wonderful - a real beauty. You are going to receive a lot of compliments on it.

  3. How did you like the Clapotis pattern? I have it on my Rav queue.

    1. This is my second scarf using this pattern, and I love it. Because of the dropped stitches, the whole scarf sort of collapses into a great scarf around the neck, or it can be spread out as a lovely shawl around the shoulders. I highly recommend it.

  4. That turned out just beautiful!
    Rebel Follower