Friday, September 14, 2012

My Bunny

First of all, my Sony camera finally bit the dust...or maybe it was exposed to too much dust on  desert/mountain trails.  Whatever the case, I had to invest in a new one. So, having done all the preparatory work, I finally have my first pictures downloaded on the computer. Does anyone else find all the downloading of software, accepting their policies, registering, etc. a big PAIN? Yeah, it's probably just me. 

I had to find something quick and easy to shoot.  When I went outside, I saw my wild bunny by the shed.  He's been hanging out around the place all summer.  I loved it when I would see him stretched out under the 4-wheeler trailer in the heat of the day, and I've tried to get pictures of him, but with no luck.  Now with this camera, I used the zoom and caught him. I only got one shot, and then he was gone.

My wild bunny

He's been making his home in the woodpile.  See the entrance between the two big logs on the ground?

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  1. Awww, your bunny is a bit shy. I hope he doesn't invite a striped friend to move into the other end of the woodpile!