Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Visitors at Lucy's Sheep Camp

On Saturday, Leane accompanied me to Lucy's Sheep Camp (north of Thermopolis) to buy some wool table-runners and roving for a couple of needle-felting classes I'll be teaching soon.  I enjoy going in and visiting with the owner, Billie Jo, who is very artistic and usually jump-starts some new creative endeavor.

While we were elbow deep in fibers, our head spinning with color combinations and project possibilities, we suddenly heard an unexpected noise outside the open door to the shop.  We all turned to look...and there was Little Joe!  He was ready to walk right in and  join the search for wool treasures too!

Leane is quite a horsewoman in her own right, and she gave ol' Joe a welcomed scratch on the neck while I slipped out to get my camera for this photo op.

 I have to say, he liked the attention and was not a bit camera shy.  So, when you live in the country, you never know who might drop into the shop on the first day of Autumn... 


  1. Little Joe is quite a character and a charmer. I'm glad you got some photos of him peeking through the shop door.

  2. I have never had the opportunity to see the shop. It has been closed whenever I have stopped. It looks like I need to make to make another try.
    Rebel Follower