Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Rider...New Trails

It is fun to explore new trails on a 4-wheeler, but it’s equally as fun to take someone new on a 4-wheeler ride in the mountains.  So, here was Nancy S’s first ride, and she did very well! We took it easy, stopped for pictures, explored some trails, and enjoyed the fine weather.  

Here's Nancy S. snapping photos of the devastation left by a forest fire a few years ago.

Glenn and Cheryl were part of the crew too, and they led the excursion in their side-by-side Polaris RZR; I brought up the tail end.   We were in the Union Pass area, and I had not approached Fish Lake from the Sheridan Creek Road, so that section was new to me.  I’m always interested in new trails! We stopped for about 30 minutes at Fish Lake, located very near the continental divide.  The breezes swept across this small lake and kept us cool while we sat on a sunny hill on the north shore to eat lunch. 

Fish Lake

On our way back, Glenn was willing to take us down two different roads that branched off the Sheridan Creek Road. Both were new to me. The first one had a roadblock where a bridge must have been taken out, so we were not able to continue to the trail's end.  The second road led us in to Pellam Lake.  The last quarter-mile was rough, so Nancy S. parked her machine and rode with me on my 4-wheeler as we followed Glenn and Cheryl. 

Here is a section of the road as we approached Pellam Lake.

 Yeehaw!  Nancy got a taste of a more difficult 4-wheeler ride, rolling over a maze of boulders, tree roots, and gullies. What a great sight as we approached the lake.  Although it’s a destination for many fishermen, today we were the only ones there.  It was peaceful and beautiful, tucked in at the base of Lava Mountain.

We posed for the self-timer camera: Me, Nancy S., Glenn, and Cheryl

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  1. The trip was fun, and I appreciated the slow pace and easy route. Thanks again for the opportunity.