Thursday, September 27, 2012

New residents...

Despite my hesitation, I was talked into it.  Yep.  Because I haven’t had a dog or cat around the place for nearly two years, and other little critters have started to move in, it was, perhaps, a real good idea to get some “barn” cats. My friends insisted I would be thrilled with the results: minimal care, no anxiety in leaving them alone, no mice.   

Kris’s cats recently had litters, and she was more than willing to share the bounty.   So, how many do I take?  1? 2? 3? I had to ponder this decision. Life in the country is not easy, and, unfortunately, there are usually predators passing through.  One the plus side, these little ones have not been handled much, so they are on wild side.  They should be savvy. 
On Sunday I went to Kris’s to get them.  While I was on my way, Kris went out to catch the three litter mates (one grey and two Siamese), and she asked me to wish her luck.  Fortunately, she was able to nab them by the neck as they were attempting to eat, but they were not happy about it.  Kris attempted to check the sex of the kitties, but gave up because they got really cranky about that!   By the time I arrived, the kitties were imprisoned in a small pet carrier, and when we peeked in to have a look at the trio, the grey one hissed emphatically!  Yikes.  Feisty little thing.  Now it was Kris’s turn to wish me good luck in getting them out.  Kris’ parting words were, “If they run away, I’ve got plenty more.” I can still hear her punctuating that with laughter.

During the ride home on the seat next to me, the three were huddled in the back of the pet carrier, wary of me, but content with the ride in the pickup.  

My plan was to keep them trapped for a few days in a dogaloo by the shed which I had already set up with food, water, and a blanket.  I was hoping they would be so hungry, they would be thrilled to walk right in from the carrier.  Well, not so much.  So, I tried tipping the carrier to dump them in there.  Then I tried to tip and bounce them out.  The more I tipped, the more they hung in there, until finally one of the Siamese fell out and slipped between the sides of the carrier and the dogaloo and flashed out of there like a bolt of lightening, running for the south side of the house.  Well, there goes one…

I decided to try to trap the other two by stuffing the gaps with a garbage bag and a towel, just because they were handy.  Yeah, that looked pretty good, and I thought I’d just leave them alone so they would venture toward the food and maybe take a nap.  

An hour or so later, I went out to check on them.  And they were running around the wood pile!!  Those little buggers had escaped by climbing up the towel and pulling it out enough to create an escape route.  So much for my best laid plans.  So, the trio had all escaped, were running around, and hiding under the shed.  I just hoped all three would find each other before nightfall.  

Monday evening I finally saw that all three were together, and from my window, I could watch them play on some lumber that was piled by the shed.  They were having a grand time, frolicking about and wrestling with each other.  I can’t help but laugh when I see kittens play. It is delightful entertainment.  

So, I make sure they have food and water.  They make sure I don’t get near them.  

With my telephoto lens I was able to snap a few pictures today of the grey one, who I’ve named Shade, and one of the Siamese, who I’ve named Smoke because of the smoky coloring around its nose and eyes.    The other Siamese has evaded the camera lens, for now...
Shade is the boldest of the kitties and the ring leader.

Shade and Smoke were watching me from under the step.  It was a stare down.


  1. I have no doubt these three will be quite comfortable at your house and around the wood pile. They will be catching mice before long and may even let you be near them.

  2. What an adventure. Sounds like you have 2 new friends.
    They may get so comfortable they won't need to mouse...just listen
    for the dinner bell!

  3. Your writing skills make it seem like I was right there in the audience watching. What a fun!
    Rebel Follower