Thursday, October 25, 2012

Birds of a feather...

On my way home last night, I couldn't believe the number of birds that were perched on the powerline.  I had to stop the car and try to get a shot.  If I had only had my camera with a telephoto lens on it!!  I've learned my lesson!? (Learning curve has been a bit steep lately.)  The iPhone camera shot had to be sufficient for this moment.

As soon as I got out of the car to possibly get a little closer, the birds flew up in a wave of blackness and swirled like a ribbon around the olive tree-line several times.  It was quite a dance. 

I'm assuming these feathered ones are gathering for their journey further south for the winter months.  I hope I see them again...I'll be more prepared.


  1. We get that A LOT! There will be hundreds of medium size black birds on the wires.

    The one that cracks me up is the turkey buzzards. They all roost on the cell phone tower by my house. It's all so halloween-y.

  2. I love to watch large flocks of birds swoop and dive in the sky. At times they seem invisible only to reappear in a second as the light reflects off of their wings.