Monday, October 1, 2012

More Fall Needle-felted mats

Here are a few more of the gals' Fall needle-felted mats.  This one was made by Judy Puckett, a gal from California who was in the area to do a writing workshop for local schools.  She had never needle-felted before and was amazed at how easy it was to manipulate the wool roving.  The area in the middle was left blank so she could set a candle on this mat.
Judy Puckett's Animals in Yellowstone
The place mat below was made by Hazel Jordan.  She found the way the felt was dyed that she could use the outline of a cookie cutter to created fall leaves.  The project is not quite completed, but I sure love the way this is looking!!
Hazel Jordan's Fall Leaves
The next one was made by someone new to needle-felting too, Connie Wickstrom. 
Fall Leaves Candle Matt made by Connie Wickstrom


  1. Another set of lovely mats - Hazel's is my favorite from this bunch.

  2. So cool- I love Hazel's design, especially the fall colors!