Thursday, October 11, 2012

Last Sunday's Sunset

I just happened to take a glance out the window to the west after the sun had set, and I was stunned by the beautiful sunset colors still reflected on the clouds.  I ran for the camera and out to the porch to see if I could quickly capture the colors before they disappeared with the night. 

Sunset over the Wind River Mountain Range

Looking a bit more to the south, I caught this picture (below).  See that knife-edged peak (just left of center)?  The Cirque of the Towers is just to the right of it.  It's one of my favorite hikes (but a good 12 miles of hiking to get there!) in the Wind River Range. Many "foreigners" like to make a trek into the Cirque, which includes Lonesome Lake at the base of Pingora Peak. It is a beautiful spot.

Looking even further to the southeast, Wind River Peak was beautifully silhouetted.  My dad always referred to it as the Old Man of the Mountain.  The large sloping peak (Wind River Peak) is the old man's beard. The old man is lying down, looking up at the sky. So to the right of the beard, you see the outline of his nose and then his forehead. 
Wind River Peak, the highest peak in the southern part of the Wind River Range.

I really enjoyed this spectacular sunset!


  1. Gorgeous sunset. I really miss being able to view these scenes.

  2. Wow! You are so fortunate to live where it is so beautiful!

    We get some fabulous sunsets after a stormy afternoon. Clouds can really be amazing!

  3. Absolutely stunning! God is a spectacular artist!
    Rebel Follower