Monday, October 15, 2012

Wood for Winter

I still have about two cords of wood which are "well-seasoned" and will burn very well.  But, I'm pretty sure I'll need more split to be ready for this winter.  So, in casual conversation with my friends about getting things "winterized" around the place, I mentioned that I needed to get some more wood split before the cold temps hit and stay. 

My friend Kris offered her log-splitter, but we would need our go-to guy, Mike, to get it started and see about the best way to get it transported to my woodpile.   So, the plan was sort-of set in motion.

I got a surprise phone call late Sunday morning.  Was I home? Could Mike bring out the log-splitter?  Absolutely!  Zip, zip!  He was here in no time.  After showing me the procedure for starting it, he asked if I wanted to split some up while he was here.  Sure!!  So I grabbed some leather gloves, threw on some tennis shoes, and we got to work.  With two of us, the work went quickly and efficiently.  Within an hour, we had a cord or more split and thrown into a woodpile.  Yippee!  Many, many thanks to Kris and Mike!!  I have wood for winter!


  1. That is A LOT of wood. Hope it keeps you nice and comfy all winter.

  2. Mike is a great guy: I'm glad he stayed to help you with the wood pile. Many hands make light work!

  3. Good to see you will be warm this winter. It is so nice when friends help each other. It makes each one feel good.
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