Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Leafin' me for winter...

Although many trees here are now in fall colors and are just beginning to lose leaves, this particular tree has already signed off for the season.  It's leafin' me for winter.

Because of the snow and cold temps a few days ago, much of the smoke from the forest fires has been cleaned from the horizon, fires are doused or under control, and I can see the mountains again!!  Yahoo! I hope we continue to have blue skies, crisp temps, and a colorful display of falling leaves for many days to come. 


  1. Beautiful view! Glad the fires have been reduced.

    We went through wildfires last year. I got so, so tired of smelling smoke.

  2. Since the cold snap, my trees have dropped their leaves, too. Now, to get the leaves picked up before the next storm. It is such a relief to have smoke-free skies again. I was growing weary of the haze.