Monday, November 12, 2012

Broadway Show #2

Our second night in NYC, which included another evening on Broadway, started with dinner at an Italian Restaurant, Osteria al Doge .  Of course, it was delicious! 

Then, we walked to the Nederlander Theatre to see "Newsies," a new Broadway show which won the 2012 Tonys for Best Original Score and Best Choreography.  When we walked into the theatre to be seated, we were both rather shocked. We had FRONT ROW seats!!!!!  I could lean forward and look right into the orchestra pit.  Seeing all the actors up close, being able to see all their facial expressions, the spit spewing from their mouths as they projected their voices, the energy and muscle used to dance, spin, and leap was FANTASTIC. I was in theatre heaven!!!  The story takes place in Manhattan in the Summer of 1899, and the story revolves around the newspaper boys who go on strike.  It also includes a little love story...ahhh.  It's a great show!
Corey Cott played the lead., Deen van Meer, photographer., Deen van Meer, photographer., Deen van Meer, photographer.


  1. Glad you were able to score front row seats!

  2. Some of the "newsies" were on the View awhile back. That was great you got to see it in person. Sounds like a most wonderful trip.
    Rebel Follower