Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter felted placemat...

After teaching a needle-felted table runner class, I was inspired by Hazel to try my hand at cutting out a snowflake from a thickly felted piece and then needle felting it on to another placemat-sized felt.  This was the first attempt.  Getting a decent snowflake was a challenge, and my second attempt was much better, after I changed up my strategy.  However, here's the first one.  Even with the crazy snowflake, it doesn't look too bad on a small table with a beautiful candle or my metal sleigh heaped with evergreens.


  1. They are cute! You can even use those after Christmas. They are perfect for those snowy January days.

  2. I like the snowflake. Very nice.

  3. Excellent - I agree with Dee that this could be used into the Winter.

  4. Beautiful! It could be used for the whole winter season.
    Rebel Follower