Thursday, November 15, 2012

NYC, Day Five

Tuesday morning.  Hurricane Sandy had passed and was heading further inland and the would swing north and east.  Cory and I set out to breakfast at Roxy's (one of the only places open, except for the hotel restaurants).  It was crowded with tourists, but we were squeezed in.  It was a cash-only meal that morning. 

Then, like many other stranded tourists, we set out to explore the streets.  It was still drizzling, and I got my money's worth out of the $5 umbrella! 

We walked to the Ed Sullivan Theatre where they shoot the David Letterman Show.  Interestingly enough, Letterman aired the show both Monday and Tuesday without anyone in the audience.  I happened to watch both shows on TV, and it was a little strange for him to deliver jokes, and you could hear only the band and tech crew offering up some audible laughs. 
Cory checked the door to the theatre.  Closed.

I wanted to see Rupert's Hello Deli, and we did find it, but it was all closed up, with iron gates in front of the door and windows. 

Next we continued walking up Broadway until we hit a detour.  Several blocks were closed off because of the dangerous situation of the dangling crane, which we all saw on TV. 

We ended up walking north on Madison Ave, window shopping in all the exclusive shops.  When we got to 82nd Street, we turned west until we were at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was closed.    What a HUGE building! Would have been wonderful to visit.

From there we started walking south, and we walked along the eastern border of Central Park.  The park entrances were closed too, as workers were cleaning up downed tree branches from the hurricane winds.  The fall colors were still beautiful and made for a lovely walk.  We saw lots of folks jogging, walking their dogs, and just getting out. 
Central Park as a background for this pic.
Note the huge branch broken by the hurricane winds.

At the south end of Central Park is the location of a very unique Apple Store.  Check out the entrance, which is inside this glass cube.

After finding a place to eat a quick lunch, we continued walking back toward the hotel.  Suddenly, I realized that there was a guy standing, looking at us, smiling, and waving.  What???  I looked at Cory.  Then I looked back at the guy.  It was Cory's son's friend, Gabe; the boys had been school mates since elementary; he had recently moved to work in NY.  I had met him a few years ago too.  Cory couldn't believe her eyes!!  What were the chances of meeting him randomly on the streets of NY???  Gabe's residence was in lower Manhattan, and he had no electricity; so he and some friends decided to go to a movie. 

After our 4 hour walk, we were glad to put our feet up!  Checking weather reports and airline reservations, Cory discovered our reservations had been cancelled, again! So, she worked on re-booking, again.We also heard about more power outages and the flooded subway systems and decided to stay in for the rest of the evening. 

The girls that I knit with "back home" gather on Tuesday evenings for "knitting night."  They gave me a phone call.  It was GREAT to talk to them!!!

I noticed that as I got ready for bed, there was no hot water.  Hmmm... it'll probably be fixed by morning...


  1. You certainly gave your sneakers a work out. The Central Park pictures are beautiful.

    That crane dangling was scary! I wonder if they have it down yet?

  2. How interesting to run into someone you knew: "it's a small world after all."

    It is fun to explore a city on foot. I'm glad the weather cooperated and allowed you to get out for a long walk.