Friday, November 9, 2012


Lunch was at a great little pizza place...and then we started walking North to Soho.  We saw a little of Chinatown and Little Italy.  Walking past the food stands in Chinatown was interesting!   We saw a fruit stand...with some very good looking produce, but I had never seen anything like it.  I have NO idea what kind of fruit was the bins, especially on the far end.  Exotic stuff!

I enjoyed the variations in architecture. 

And the fire escapes on the sides of buildings.

In Soho, I loved seeing the cobblestone side streets!

We stopped in a couple of boutiques, which were unique; we loved the clothes.  We also stopped in a Chocolate shop. Surprisingly, we were offered a shot of their famous hot chocolate.  Whoa. It was heavenly!  Had to purchase a tin of their hot chocolate mix!

On the street was a guy who was offering some great entertainment.  It was just he and his piano...and his chihuahua.  They have apparently played all over the US. I loved listening to him!  You never know what you might see on the streets of NYC!

From here we caught a subway back to Times Square. It was time to get ready for dinner...and another Broadway show...


  1. It is so true ... you can see almost ANYTHING in NYC. I love the architecture. I know some people find inner cities ugly, but I think they are so interesting.

  2. The yellow fruit in the foreground is persimmon - a fall fruit that is sweet and tangy.

  3. I took a day trip to NYC about a year ago and spent quite a while in Soho- I loved it, too! There was a huge street market full of all sorts of things. I took a million pictures of the architecture as well. Nice pics. Love the one with the piano and pup.

  4. My niece lives in Brooklyn. She says there are wonderful experiences all over New York. Glad you got to experience them.
    Rebel Follower