Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Day two...lower Manhattan

Saturday was a perfect day to be out and about, and after breakfast in the hotel, we took the subway to the area near the 9/11 Memorial.  On Vessy Street we found the center where we could pick up our tickets.

Here we could also purchase 9/11 souvenirs.  A statue of Lady Liberty was on display.  She had appeared outside on a sidewalk at the time of the disaster, and hundreds of people began attaching patches and other memorabilia to the statue until it was virtually covered.

Outside, on the street, one could get a great view of one of the new 9/11 Memorial Towers, which appears to be nearing completion.

While we were waiting for our scheduled time to visit Ground Zero, we walked across the street to Saint Paul's Chapel, which miraculously survived the attack. We walked through the old graveyard which surrounds the Chapel (just like you see in England), and you couldn't help but notice that most headstones were so old and worn (dating back to the 1700's) that the engraving was nearly or completely impossible to read.

Inside, it was interesting to see and read all the tributes to the heroes who helped during the 9/11 attack. 

Also, I had to take a picture of George Washington's pew. After his inauguration in 1789, he walked to St. Paul's Chapel to pray, and this is a replica of the one he used.
We spent some nice quiet time looking around and enjoying the solitude of the grounds tucked in between busy city streets and tall buildings.

The Bell of Hope is a gift to the people of New York City from the Lord Mayor of London and the Archbishop of Canterbury.  It was made by the same foundry that made the Liberty Bell.  Underneath the bell is a brass plate that shows the imprint of the World Trade Towers.

A sign near the bell states that the "ringing of the bell symbolizes the triumph of hope over tragedy."   It is rung on each anniversary of 9/11 and has been rung on other days marking international, as well as national, tragedies and celebrations.

 On to Ground Zero...


  1. I have been to St. Paul's Chapel.
    Very moving place.
    Was great to see it again through your eyes.

  2. I have not been to Ground Zero. Just looking at it from the distance of the turnpike breaks my heart.

    We were driving up I-95 on our way to Boston shortly after 9/11 and I got my first view of the Pentagon where the airplane hit. I never realized how close to the road the Pentagon was until I saw that. It was just shocking to me, even though I had passed it a hundred times before and never paid much attention. Then seeing the towers missing --- it was all too much.

    When we crossed the George Washington Bridge there were military with automatic weapons patrolling. I realized our country would never be the same. :-(

  3. I've never been to NYC, so your posts are very interesting to me.