Monday, November 19, 2012

NYC, Day 6

First thought this morning:  Will I find that we have hot water?

I got up.  NO HOT WATER! BUMMER! I called the front desk.
     "I discovered that we don't have any hot water this morning." 
     "That's right.  There won't be hot water until further notice."
     "OK. Thank you."
Wow.  This was not going to be fun!  But I had heat, electricity, and a roof over my head.  It could be much worse.  Remember those mornings when camping in the mountains and the ice cold river was my bathtub?  Couldn't be any worse than that. Invigorating!

I survived. So did Cory.  And after breakfast, we headed out toward Macy's Dept. Store for a little shopping. 

On the way, we passed these two sculptures, dedicated to the Garment District.

Macy's.  They must have been cleaning or repairing the building.

It was Wednesday, and although many buildings south of 34th Steet did not have electricity as yet, and the subways were not running in lower Manhattan, some buses were running, and businesses were beginning to open up again.  We also saw that the theatres were going to open, and there were opportunities to get discounted prices.  More on that later.

Just outside Macy's we could cross the street to Herald Square.  It was a great spot from which to take a picture of the Empire State Building.

It's also interesting how areas of Broadway have been beautified by large flower pots and  wide sidewalks for pedestrians.

On our way back to the hotel, we saw the Naked Cowboy entertaining tourists and traffic.  Hilarious.  Did I run to get my picture taken with him? ...ah

We relaxed the rest of the afternoon.  Then went to dinner at a nearby Italian restaurant, La Masseria.  It was excellent! 

Cory and I decided to try taking our chances at getting in to see another Broadway show.  We'd seen enough episodes of "Love it or list it" on HGTV to last a month.  We picked "Nice Work If You Can Get It," starring Matthew Broderick.  So, at 7:30 p.m. we showed up at the box office to check on tickets.  Cory went in to see if anything was available.  She came back out saying, "They have tickets in row 8. Interested????"  Oh my goodness.  "YES. Let's do it!" 

It was a treat!!  Gershwin music...hard to beat.  Matthew Broderick...what a deal.  Loved the show! 

As we walked back to the hotel, we saw that large garbage bags from restaurants, etc. were starting to pile up on the sidewalks. Hopefully, trash collection will resume soon.

As we retired, we were also HOPING that our flights would not be cancelled again, and that LaGuardia would open as promised, and we could fly out the next afternoon.  Oh yeah... and hot water...too much to hope for????


  1. You were in MY old neighborhood. I worked just a block over from that Macy's store. Ahhhhhhhh...memories. That was only 35 years ago. LOL

    Glad you had a good time in spite of Sandy!

  2. Wonderful photos and memories of your adventures in NYC.

    Really, no photo taken of you with the naked cowboy! I am so disappointed.

  3. I continue to live my mini vacation through your eyes. Loved the pictures of Central Park. The Cowboy was also interesting!