Monday, July 1, 2013

4-wheeling over Limestone Mt.

Probably very close to a year ago I posted pictures and a narrative about a 4-wheeling trip over Limestone Mt. and into Louis Lake above Lander, WY.  It's a very nice ride, and I've done it several times now.  Even so, I enjoy it every time...seems like I always see something new...or the weather creates a different atmosphere. This past Thursday I was there again...and the weather was so hot, yes even up at 9,000 ft.

I had not been on this ride so early in the season, however, and the wildflowers were bloomin'. I saw a delicate little hot pink flower on the ride in the morning, but on the way back in the late afternoon, none of us saw it...and of course that's when I was hoping to stop and catch a photo.  Oh well. Like a "morning person," maybe these were morning flowers and just closed up for the rest of the day.

On this trip I made a point to stop and take some pictures of some of the unusual rock "structures" that we've passed many times.  A few years ago, four of us were making this trek and got caught in a rainstorm...a good downpour.  So we parked the 4-wheelers and crawled up into these rocks where we found an overhang under which we could hide for protection.  Standing all hunched over and sucked up against the rock, we still got splattered a bit, but were very grateful for this outcropping of granite!  We were desperately hoping that it would be a storm that passed through quickly (like 10 min!!!)...but it wasn't.  We were there for about 45 minutes before we could continue on.  It continued to rain lightly for a few miles, but eventually we rode out of it.

This is another outcropping of rock a half-mile or so up the trail.

After eating lunch at Louie Lake, we drove to the Blue Ridge Lookout, stopping at the Little Popo Agie Creek to enjoy the wonderful scenery.  We almost always see fishermen on the bridge or out in the stream.  Seemed like a good photo op.


  1. That rushing water looks so tempting. You didn't dip your feet in?

  2. HOw lovely. I too love the rushing water ...I can almost hear it!!!