Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Seven Lakes Trail

My first tour of the Seven Lakes Trail was last summer with my brother and his friend.  We had to make the trip a quick one because we got a late start.  So, we "blew in" and made it as far as Marion Lake, which is one mile short of the end of the trail at Granite Lake.  The trip today was much more leisurely, and there were 6 of us, riding two side-by-sides (seen above) and two 4-wheelers.

For me, there are two key aspects of a 4-wheeler trip: the scenery and the difficulty of the road...or trail to be more accurate.

First, the scenery on this tour was really great, because the spring flowers were still in bloom.  I think it's larkspur that created a rippling sea of purple.  Some meadows were simply gorgeous, with purples, yellows, and white flowers, and perhaps I was so taken because in the high plains, one's timing has to be just right in order to see a lot of color.

 Also, the trail takes you to 11,400 ft. near Union Peak (11,491 ft.) on the Continental Divide. This peak marks the northern end of the Wind River Range.   From this vantage point, one can see the Grand Tetons, the Gros Ventre Range, the Absoroka Range, and the mountains around the Green River Lakes.  I found it interesting to discover that it is also from this point that one can see the most remote peaks in the Lower 48 states--Younts Peak and Thorofare Mountain (to the north). (

Looking to the west, you can make out the Grand Tetons if you look closely.

Photo Op...but kind of looks like a butt shot.

Rock outcropping on Union Peak.

Here we are, parked on Union Peak to get photos.

And then there are the sparkling lakes.  The trail passes close to Flat Lake and Marion Lake and ends at Granite Lake.  Many other small lakes are tucked in between peaks and are not so easy to see. 

We rode past Marion Lake.

Granite the end of the trail.

Granite Lake

Tomorrow...the trail.  This is a bumpy one. I do not recommend it for beginning riders!


  1. Boy, that water looks cold!

    The one thing I love about nature --- it's fleeting. You must appreciate each day as it is.

    I love January in Florida because I get to see water birds I DON'T usually see the rest of the year.

    This past weekend I was SURPRISED to run across a whole flock of black skimmers. Previously I had only seen them in winter. I took tons of pictures because I am pretty sure when I go back to the beach they will not be there.

    If you want to see one of the photos you can click on the Flickr link on my blog.

    Love your pictures! I certainly don't get to see that kind of landscape around here. LOL

  2. Gorgeous photos of the scenic vistas.

    Hmmm, I vote for sitting in the side-by side and letting someone else navigate the trail.

  3. Love the butt shot!! love them all. What a agreat trip. thanks for taking me along