Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Toe to toe

I'm making slow progress on the socks...but finally made it to the toe.  That usually goes pretty quickly.  Then, on to the next toe!

I'm making even slower progress on the cotton sweater-shawl.  That cotton has no GIVE!  So, I do a 4 row repeat and put it down.  After another couple more inches I can start the "sleeves." I'm anxious for that, because I'll have more room on the needles, and I think it will just go faster.  Here's hoping!!

The full moon this month may not be a Super Moon, but it nearly looked like one to me.  I decided to try taking a picture.  I held the camera as still as I could, but a tripod would have been the ticket.


  1. We saw that moon, too, and it was amazing! Love that sock and sweater.

  2. It was a busy moon. the Royal baby was born under it as well as many many others int he last two days at my hospital.. It was hopping in the nursery

    LOVE your socks

  3. The moon was beautiful the other night; your photo is perfect.

    It's been fun seeing your sock progress during the concerts in the park.