Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Outdoor Concerts

I feel so fortunate that in this small community we have a community college, and their community band has a "Hot Notes, Cool Nights" outdoor concert series, playing every Monday evening.  They alternate playing in two locations, Riverton and Lander.  Under the masterful direction of Jason Ogg, they provide a variety of entertaining themes. 

Here you see a photo of the opening concert of the season, featuring patriotic music.  It was grand...under partly cloudy skies, protected by canopies of large, old trees, and surrounded by an appreciative audience.  One little audience member helped direct the rousing tunes.

The second portion of the show features local guest artists.  It's so great that they have this venue in which to perform.  It was a cool night filled with hot notes... and a perfect place to add an inch of knitting to summer socks!


  1. This concert was fantastic; the weather, perfect. I love the Hot Notes, Cool Nights concerts and plan to attend every one of them.

  2. That is what is great about small towns. :-)