Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Knitting with Beads

I'm anxious to start a new project: Wristlets.  I like the pattern on the latest cover of Piecework.  The inspiration for these beaded cuffs dates back to 1896.  You have to string 418 beads on the yarn for just one cuff!  It also calls for size 00 needles.  Sound interesting? LOL.  Not sure if I'll do some modifications to the pattern or not...but I'm thinking I'll go up a size on the needles at the least. 

Next, I've been looking at my stash and trying to decide which yarn to use ...and which beads.  I think I'm finally ready to start with this grey/black sock yarn and silver beads.  They will be very wintery looking.


  1. Oh YEAH!!!!!

    Perfect choice.

  2. Why not use use the bead trick that Julie showed you so you don't have to deal with threading the beads or is that even a possibility?

  3. Oh you brave soul, you. Just the thought of stringing beads makes me shiver.

  4. Nice! Can you use a crochet hook to do the beads rather than stringing them? I love Wildfoote yarn. Their colors are terrific.