Monday, July 29, 2013

Filling up the weekend...

This weekend was all play.  Friday I took off on another 4-wheeling trip.  We went to Sheridan Creek, unloaded, then rode to Fish Lake for lunch.  On the way, we were treated to lots of Indian Paintbrush in bloom.  Many of the other spring flowers were gone, and the vibrant red of the Paintbrush demanded my attention. 

After lunch, we ventured to check out a trail we had not previously taken, in hopes that it would not be too rough or too steep.  It turned out to be very narrow, rough and steep in places, but not bad. It was on this trail that we saw this teepee structure.  Makes one wonder how long ago it was constructed...and by whom. 

During the last couple hours of our ride, I led the way into Pelham Lake. 

 When we got near the lake, we saw a couple of fisherman who had been fishing in a canoe.  They chatted with us and showed us their catch... making  my mouth water for fresh, pan-fried fish over a campfire!  They also pointed out an area full of water lilies in full bloom. 

Saturday I went with a friend to Riverfest in Lander.  Art, jewelry, fiber, woodworking vendors were set up in the park, and there was wonderful musical entertainment as well. The weather was perfect, and the afternoon was absolutely delightful.  Should have taken the camera.

Sunday afternoon was spent at the lake on the jet-ski.  Another beautiful day...

Please tell me I'm not the only one feeling the need to squeeze in some of these adventures before summer is over!


  1. Beautiful pictures.

    Our "adventures" start in four weeks. I guess we're more of the "fall" adventure type people.

    Summer here is just SO hot and humid. It's not fun to get outside unless it's to a pool or the ocean.

  2. Great photos of your weekend adventure.

  3. It is very oddly cool here the past few days...all too much like fall and IM not ready!!!! not ready at all.
    Yes to squeezing in more kayaking, gardening, porch sits and open windows. oh an sunscreen:)

  4. Love your travel photos, especially the mountains!