Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All things wild

I continue to get pleasure from watching the wildlife that comes near the house.  The birds are entertaining...and this shot of the ring-necked dove sitting on top of the bird-feeder made me chuckle. 

A young rabbit, a new occupant, I believe, has been seeking safety near my wood pile.  First I saw him laying low and resting, thinking he would not be seen at all.

Then, he must have thought it best to get near the woodpile, just in case I got a little to close for his/her comfort.  Anyway, this young one posed nicely for this photo shoot. I find it amazing that his coloring is so wonderfully camouflaged to blend in with the wood, dirt, and grass.  

A wild-fire broke out in Sinks Canyon yesterday, and sent up a large, smokey plume in the afternoon.  By evening (when this was shot) flames could be seen from my house.  Hopefully, its wild nature will be contained and tamed very soon.


  1. When Cheryl and I were visiting today, we speculated whether you could see the flames from your house. I'm glad you got some photos.

  2. Good photos, Nancy, but I sure hope those flames are far enough away!

  3. Oh YIKES! Hope the wildfire doesn't grow any and they get it contained soon.