Friday, July 19, 2013

Chalk the Walk

I understand that "chalking the walk" or putting one's artwork in chalk on a sidewalk is an activity offered in many cities...and well, we're just catching on.  Last night's event in front of the public library, was a first, and it was well attended by art and music lovers.  I sat in a lawn chair, sipped water, ate popcorn (thank you, Cheryl), and visited with friends. We thoroughly enjoyed watching people, viewing the art as it progressed, listening to blue grass music provided by the Low Water String Band, and (of course) knitting in the shade.  Another perfect summer evening!

Low Water String Band...and a little girl in pink, dancing to the driving beat.
Here are some pictures of my favorite finished squares of art.


  1. It was great fun.
    I hope they have it again next year!

  2. Wow! I couldn't even manage a stick man with chalk.

    On the other hand, it's a good thing I can't. Last year, in response to some protesters, City Council made it illegal to write on sidewalks with chalk.

    I guess they didn't consider that kids have been doing this for YEARS! :::rolling my eyes::: My tax dollars at work!

  3. Wish I had been there: it looks like it was a great event!

  4. those are just fantastic. What a fun idea. Love the post

  5. Looks like a very fun evening. Loved the photos!

  6. What a fun day! Love that there was music too.
    I remember doing chalk painting like that in high school! So fun!
    These are great!

  7. Cool! There's one around here soon that I want to check out for sure!