Monday, July 22, 2013

It's always something...

I posted a picture of Purple Sage, more accurately Russian Sage, a few days ago. Now the blooms have opened even more and are a welcomed splash of color.  This plant looks spiny, but its very fern-like and soft to the touch.  And when you do brush your hand over the leaves, you can get a great whiff of sage.  It's very pleasant.  The bees were buzzing around these two plants and were so busy going from flower to flower, they didn't even notice me. 

Well, I say it's always something...because I had hoped to go 4-wheeling this weekend...but when I asked a friend to help me put the battery back in the jet-ski, we discovered it was not putting out enough amps to start the motor.  The mechanical advice was to get a new battery.  Rats.  So, then it's another trip to town to drop off the old one and pay (wow...too much!) for a new one.  They are pricey little buggers!  It better last 5 years!!  Well, then my friend had to stop by again and help me put the new battery in (they are small, but so darned heavy) and make sure it would start the engine; thankfully it did!

Another friend also had time over the weekend to stop by and drill bigger holes in my 4-wheeler trailer to accommodate the newer tie-downs, which have bigger hooks on the end.  So, I was really grateful for this too.  Got to get things done when you can...

So this week a new battery. Over the last couple months I've had to put new tires on the car and new tires on the trailer.  Cha-ching! LOL.  Now if it was a new pair of shoes or a new outfit, I wouldn't have felt this way at all, it's all in one's perspective.  I get it. 

On the flip-side of "it's always something" is a purchase I made that I think I'm really going to like: a Soda-Stream machine. I can fill a bottle with tap water, carbonate it with the machine, and then add any variety of flavors to create my own carbonated drink with 2/3 less sugar and sodium.  I have tried the tropical punch Koolaid and the "my water" orange flavored drink (this one is my favorite).  I received a bunch more with the machine: Orange soda, Rootbeer soda, Lemon-lime, Dr. Pete, Diet Cola, and other my water flavors too. Although I haven't tried them all, I'm giving this machine a thumbs up so far!!

I've also downloaded some new apps on my iPhone that I am anxious to play with...yep, it's always something.


  1. I'd love to hear of the apps. I will be soda free for 2 months come Wednesday. This is a necessary health step for me. I so miss it.
    HAve one for me

  2. Sounds like you're keeping busy!

  3. Yep .... us too. This week it was the pool light. Who knew a new bulb would be $24 AND take us several hours to install.

    As for new summer favorite is 1 oz. tart cherry juice, lots of ice and then top it off with unflavored seltzer.

  4. I've spent my money this month on doctor's visits (medical and dental), and Cha-ching for sure!

    The soda machine sounds tempting. I'll be eager to hear more about it.