Thursday, August 1, 2013

Art in the park...

At Riverfest in Lander, I picked up a print of a painting I liked (for a gift) by a local artist.  I have a couple of her other prints framed and hanging on my wall.  This one is in an 8X10 mat.  It's titled "Horse with an Attitude," and the artist is Colleen Drury.  (It has plastic wrap on it, which makes for a photo that's not ideal.)

Later, at Global Arts, I saw a poster with a great saying on it...

The EARTH without
is just "EH."


  1. Pretty picture.

    I don't *see* attitude in the horse, but maybe the artist did. LOL

  2. I LOVE that horse /woman painting. I would have purchased it too!!!!!

  3. The painting is great, but I agree with Dee: what attitude?

    Love the saying you saw on the poster!

  4. I'd have trouble giving that away! Love the quote and need to share it, thanks!