Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Waiting for rough water...

Sunday afternoon I invited a friend to got to the lake and ride my jet ski.  She'd never been on a jet ski...and it was on her "bucket list."  So, for me it was a no-brainer to ask her to check that one off! 

It was a beautifully hot, sunny afternoon, but clouds had already gathered on the western horizon and were threatening to do something.  But that was OK; I'd be watching the weather closely.  We put the jet ski in the water, and I gave the grand tour of Ocean Lake.  The water was warm and mirror smooth.

After a couple hours, the clouds  moved in, and it was obviously raining in scattered areas near the mountains to the south and to the north of us.  But it was perfectly warm and still where we were.  I was really surprised that the wind had not kicked up...as it usually does.  I made this remark several times.  If I had wanted smooth water to ski, the wind would have picked up the minute we got to the lake!!  But, the water was like glass.  I suggested we watch the weather for a little bit from shore...but nothing changed.  So, then I suggested that my friend take the jet ski out on her own and play around a bit.  She did.  And within 5 minutes the wind kicked up...suddenly...as per usual.  She came racing back to shore.

 We got the ski turned around,  and together we headed for the forming white caps to have a wild ride. It's a blast driving in rough water!  First, I went in the direction of the wind, hitting the waves head on.  We hit a few troughs and tips of waves that sent water splashing down on us!  Exhilarating!  Then I turned the ski in the opposite direction to ride the waves.  We were getting launched off some sizable whitecaps, getting bounced around and  sprayed. Repeat: into the wind...then with the wind. Yahoo!  We were screaming and laughing at the thrills. 

Yep, we hit it just right...getting to ride on smooth water and rough!! 

After we were played out, we decided to load the ski on the trailer, and with the waves, it took both of us.  But what fun. 


  1. Okay .....color me jealous! That sounds like a wonderful day on the lake. :-)

  2. Glad that you had a good time and that the Bucket List is one item shorter.

    Ocean Lake can get some good-sized waves when the wind blows.

  3. aww good for you for the abandon of fear. SO GLAD you were safe and had such fun. I would have dropped the camera in the water for sure