Saturday, August 3, 2013

Fair Isle Knitting...the conclusion

I finished the Fair Isle neck cowl in record time.  This project went so quickly!!  And it was fun.  Now it's all washed and blocked and has been turned in to the Riverton R office to be displayed in the showcase for those who may be interested in signing up for the class this fall. 

The cowl seems to be just the right size in circumference for a nice fitting garment.  It goes easy over the head and yet sits snugly enough around the neck. So, I have to say this is a good pattern, and I'd use it again in a heartbeat. The yarn is soft, and I think this neck cowl is going to be great to fend off cooler temps... 

Now...on to knitting those beaded wristlets...


  1. Oh my gosh ... that is BEAUTIFUL! I love it.

    I imagine this class will have a LOT of takers.

  2. Looks great. I love this cowl!

  3. Nancy

    WHat a way to make the cowl unique and so beautiful! Im sure you will have eager students. Love the calm color choices

  4. Another wonderful finished project: I love the yarn(s) that you used. Nice job!

  5. Lovely! Wish I were close enough to take your class. ;>)