Saturday, August 10, 2013

She found me...

I don't have a Facebook page, but she found me anyway.  You just can't hide from a good internet search!  It probably helps that I haven't moved.  Anyway, I got a phone call a couple evenings ago...asking if I was the Nancy that she knew from the college we attended in the midwest.  Yes.  But who was this???  Sue!?!  OMG!  Fantastic!
Sue and me...a college reunion... along Trail Lake Road.

Hadn't heard from her in oh, nearly 30 years.  And she and her companion were traveling through on their way to Yellowstone and beyond.  So as not to interrupt their plans too much, I asked if we could meet on their way to Dubois, and I would take them on a brief "off road" excursion to see the petroglyphs near Ring Lake in Whiskey Basin. 

So that's what we did.  Sue rode with me in the truck from Crowheart Store to a turn-out on the Trail Lake Road.  The question was posed, "Can we catch up on 30 years in 30 minutes????"  Oh yeah!  It was a blast! 

Thanks, Sue, for making the effort to contact me and take the time to reconnect after all these years!  Continue down "happy trails..."


  1. That sounds like fun! Glad you were able to make it happen.

    About three years ago, I reconnected with three friends from Kindergarten. One is in Hawaii . . . a little too far for a meet up right now. The other two I met up with when I went to Philadelphia. One (Mary), I was very MEH about. Her husband is an a$$ and she doesn't go anywhere without him. The other friend (Mike) is a lot of fun and Steve and I liked his wife too. Now they are moving around the corner from us. They'll be here by October.

  2. How wonderful - so glad that Sue "found" you (did you know you were lost?) and that the years fell away so easily. I hope you exchanged information so you can catch up some more.

  3. How fun! Glad it worked out so you could reconnect! Those petroglyphs look really interesting.

  4. aww what a fun and heartfelt post!!! old friends!!

  5. Great to see you, Nancy! Thanks for going so far out of your way to show us around. Great looking petroglyphs hiding right in plain sight, too! Your blog is very fun, great artworks and wonderful comments. I will tune in now and again. (I also like C.J. Box!) Oh, by the way, we did eat breakfast at the Cowboy Cafe in Dubois on the way back home. Good! We came home directly from Yellowstone--the smoke in the Tetons was just to hazy and sad. check your email...I sent some pics. Take care, "Sue"